Christine Kamal

First Deaf Veterinary

Title: First Deaf Veterinary Graduate at HCCS
Place of Birth: Unknown
Current Residence: Houston, Texas
Education: Houston Community College and Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf
Occupation: Veterinary Technician
Date: May 18, 2011 to present
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Last Update: Arpil 23, 2013
Upon successful completion of the Veterinary Paramedic Program at Houston Community College ( Katy Campus ), in August 2011,

Christine Kamal will be the first deaf student to have graduated since the program began in 1971. Christine was born in Aransas Pass, Texas, a small town north of Corpus Christi. She lived there for 17 years because of the Regional Day School for the Deaf Program and was mainstreamed with other students in both deaf and hearing classes. She attended Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf in 1985, where she majored in General Business. After years of working fo various employers in the business field.

It was time for a change.Christine has always wanted to work with animals, because of her great passion for all kinds of animals. She just needed to find the right school, that's when she found Houston Community College ( Katy Campus ). Most of Christine's friends are surprised to find out that she has gone back to college and they have been very supportive and want to see her succeed. Other students in Christine's class as well as her instructors, will say that Christine is highly motivated, with a great sense of humor, a good attitude, and a willingness to tell or hear a good joke. Besides her interests in animals Christine has many hobbies. Her favorite pet was her dog Wylie, which she shared a special bond that lasted for 17 years. Christine also hopes that in the future more employers will look upon deaf or hearing impaired persons as being successful in a clinical environment. Christine is looking forward to serving both deaf and hearing clients at her clinic. Since being hired at Voss Road Animal Clinic, Christine has various duties which includes : Surgery, Dental, giving boosters or vaccines, assisting the Doctors with the Clients during appointments, assisting in lab works, and much more.

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