Ken Davis

Online Newsman

Title: Deaf Newspaper, LLC
Place of Birth: Fort Carson, Colorado
Current Residence: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Education: Colorado School for the Deaf & Blind, Tennesse Temple University and Pike Peak Community College
Occupation: Full-Time Webmaster. Resigned as Computer Technician and Network Engineer.
Date: 2002 to present
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Last Update: Arpil 1, 2013
Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ken Davis's newsroom is much quieter than most others. There are no phones ringing, no reporters shouting. Even if there were such commotion, nobody would hear it. The one person behind the operation is deaf.

"My goal is basically to help the deaf community get the news," said Davis.


Davis runs a website called, where he uploads sign language stories in video form. The former computer repair man turned journalist reaches an audience of over 140,000 people from as far away as Germany and China.

"One of the things that I focus on is deaf culture," said Davis. "A lot of people who watch our program are better served by that." has everything from news, to cooking segments, and even warnings about scams on the deaf community. Davis says it started as an idea when he launched it six years ago. Since then people just can't get enough. "I was just playing with it at first as a hobby and deaf people from all over said, ''we want more."

In one sense the website, and technology in general, are tearing down communication barriers the deaf have long encountered. "I wish I would have had these things when I was younger," said Davis.

Now with the aid of computers, the Internet, and email, Davis communicates with a lot of people. He may not be able to speak with sounds, but all over the world those people are hearing him.
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