Jim Lomanto


Jim Lomanto fell in love to be an actor when he was 8 years old.

Title: Unknown
State: Illinois
Date: 2012 to present

Last Update: March 17, 2013
Jim Lomanto was born to Deaf parents Joseph and Laura Lomanto. He became Deaf since birth. He grew up in Chicago, IL and attended Illinois School for the Deaf. He is married to Charlene (Dangelo) and has four grown Deaf children and live in Wheeling, IL. Acting is his passion and he loves to tell the storytelling. He fell in love to be an actor when he was 8 years old. His first achievement award was Boy Scout Troop 114 for walking 22 miles and swam ¼ mile. He is crippled but he never gave up his goal. He had been participated in many acting and films. He won two ensemble awards in Gaia’s Handlandia and Bailiwick’s Equus. He was on Board of Director for Centerlight Theatre, Tannebaum Theatre, The Chicago International Film Festival , Friends of the Arts at Center on Deafness and Deaf Quest Inc . He recently finished his acting in ASL FILMS Versa Effect and Hard Man films. He just got Illinois School for the Deaf Alumni Hall of Fame award. He loves to work with Chicagoland Deaf Seniors and other deaf organizations.

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