James "JJ" Jones


Title: JJ Mime Artist
Place of Birth: Kansas City, Missouri
Current Residence: Missouri
Education: Architectural Technology AAS then BA degree in Management & Human Relations
Occupation: Full time is Deaf Program Manger for The Whole Person and Part time Mime Entertainter
Date: 1977 to present
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Last Update: March 19, 2013
James "JJ" Jones was born in Kansas City, Missouri and has been deaf since birth, but can partially hear with his hearing aid. He first discovered "pantomime" at an early age by watching the Red Skelton Show, which was not telecaptioned (cc) at that time. "JJ" first performed mime in school around the age of 10.

"JJ" learned more mime just before he graduated from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (N.T.I.D.) in Rochester, NY. While there, he attended many mime workshops by Claude Kipnis, Keith Berger, Dimitri, Bernard Bragg (from the National Theatre of the Deaf), Francisco Reynders (Marcel Marceau's classmate) and many other mime artists. "JJ" improved his mime skills by observing the famous mime artist, Marcel Marceau. "JJ" fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams by meeting his role models Red Skelton and Marcel Marceau in person.

"JJ" performs mime programs ranging from street mime to multimedia presentations. He also gives mime workshops for schools and colleges. "JJ" has performed all over the USA at many schools, State Fairs, Deaf events such as Deaf Expos, Deaf Celebration, Deaf Awareness Day, and Deaf Way II (the International Deaf Conference in Washington D.C. in 2002). ). JJ has also begun to perform internationally, having recently performed at the first annual World of Mime in Paris, France honoring Marcel Marceau, and at the World Deaf Day in Bordeaux, France. (see photos under 'International', in Photo Gallery)

"JJ" has been a mime instructor at Maple Woods Community College for the Interpreter Training Program in North Kansas City, Missouri for over 15 years. He loves to teach mime to children and student interpreters.

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