Scott & Annette Kerr


Scott and Annette Kerr are a deaf married couple who go by the name of Prank and Spank on Youtube.

Title: Prank and Spank
State: Michigan
Date: Unknown

Last Update: March 27, 2013
As of March 23rd 2013 Scott and Annette Kerr have reached a total of 50,000+ subscribers and soon 12 million total views on Youtube since they made their debut March 2011. That makes them the #1 most subscribed deaf channel as well as the the most well known prank couple on Youtube. They currently rank #6210 out of millions of channels on Youtube and their goal is to be in the top 1000 and to get 100,000 subscribers by the end of the year.


They have shown that just because they are deaf they are unique and can be better than other hearing pranksters and with them being deaf they have the advantage of being able to do pranks more than hearing people can and other pranks that hearing people cannot do. They want to show that deaf people can be entertaining and make hearing people laugh and and that they have something to offer the hearing community and make them realize that deaf are hearing are the same.

They have also been on MTV and TruTv many times last year. Pranking each other is a full time job for them and they make a living through Youtube income and they love every minute of it. They never think if the camera is hidden because they both want something to happen so all the fans can be entertained. It is the anxiety that makes it fun because they never know what kind of prank is going to happen or when to expect it.

Scott says that , “Pranking makes the marriage stronger” ,because it brings them closer together and spices up the marriage and makes it more fun. Annette is the evil prankster who enjoys hurting Scott any way she can. Her nickname given by the fans is, Ninja Smurf because of her sneaky ways and she is only 4’9. Scott said before the channel started in 2011 that Annette can do whatever she wants to him and he kind of regrets those words now. They will continue to prank each other as long as they can and as long as people continue to watch and support them.

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